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          展望未來,我們繼續“技術、品質開路,銷售、服務并進”的發展理念,“一切從改善開始”的服務精神,不斷創新、完善產品結構,提升 營銷人員的服務素質,務求在21世紀為各界人士提供優質的產品和完善貼心的服務,爭取達成共贏!

                 GuangDong DongGuan SINBO Ventilated Equipment Co .,Ltd .was set up in 1998 ,in all times devote itself to design and manufacture high efficient and encironmental friendly ventilated ventilated equipments such as fans and air blowers .The production base is located in Dalang Zhenjin Cow MO-untain Industry which is prosperous in industry and with facilitate traffic ,covering a neotype plant of over 20,000  square metres ,equipped with full -automatic electric motor wound rotor (type)and dipequipments ,establishingproduct  automatic inspection system according to the international standa -rd ,Inthe name of superhard quality for equipments and products ,our company was awarded nation -al  manufacture and product certifications .
          Over the year we stick to“Peciseness ,Sincerity ,Open ,Thanksgiving”   as our enterprise culture , gethering together a batch of effcient senior engineer technical team who are specialized in motor design ,providing ourself with the strength of researching and developing all types of neotype venti lated  products .Through over 10 years’ of accumulation “Xinfen” and “Baofeng” as two bra-nd has come into existence ,over 300 varieties and specifications in terms of industrial ,civilan and commercial use have been produced with the annual output of 1,000,000 units .
          Looking forward ,we will continually stick to our develop concept as “Make way for technology and quality ,sale and service  advancing together ” ,and our service spirit as “Make way for technology and quality ,sale and service advancing together ” ,and our service spirit as “Allfrom improving the env-ironment”  ,unceasingly innovate  and perfect product structure ,elevate salesman  service quality ,strive to offering quality products and perfect serviceto people of alll walks of life during 21st century and fight for achieving win-win.